Switzerland Raped, kidnapped, neglected

March 29, 2009

Newspaper Sonntagsblick
Country Switzerland
Type Weekly

Comment: On the occasion of the Swiss national football team playing the Moldavian team, a team of Swiss journalists provides an illustration of Terre des hommes’ work in Moldova. The article introduces some of the beneficiaries of the Tdh programs, the children of Moldova who have been abused, exploited or neglected and who are now participating in the programs of Tdh. One of them, ""MOVE" is being financed by UEFA and provides sports activities to children at risk":http://www.tdh-childprotection.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=81&Itemid=111&opt=project&proj_id=1.

The article provides a vivid image of what “at risk” means: children whose parents work abroad and are living with other relatives, children who missed school because their parent moved to Russia for work, children who suffered abuse within their family. The journalists visit them in their home, describing the poverty, the meager housing conditions (one 10 square-meter room for three people with only two beds) and the lack of opportunities for parents to earn a decent living. Answering questions the delegate of Terre des hommes in Moldova describes that the biggest danger for young girls in Moldova is prostitution and that many children in Moldova simply drop out of school and end up on the streets being exploited in agriculture or in construction.

The article not only describes the problems, but also some of the solutions: protective programs of Terre des hommes and their partners that identify at risk children with the assistance of teachers and provides them educational programs, food, clothing, medication and psychological counselling as well.

Unfortunately, the events happening just after the national elections (05 of April 09) show that the stability of the country remains fragile. Many efforts are to be done at the national level, and also at the international level, to improve the situation of the most vulnerable part of the population, the children.

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