Moldova Training for child protection networks from Transnistrian region

Project : Moldova 6 Apr 2010 child exploitation child trafficking migration protection systems

1069_mol_training_tiraspol_april_2010_smallThe first training organized on March 31 in Tiraspol city contributed to the enhancement of understanding of members of the local child protection network about the phenomenon of child trafficking and to the improvement of their assistance to the repatriated children. It strengthened the relationships between Tdh Moldova and the child protection networks of Tiraspol city. Some 16 participants- representatives of local ‘de facto’ authorities and international organizations (Everychild, OSCE) took part in this training.

The training was hosted by Tdh’s regional office in the Transnistria region (Tiraspol) in collaboration with the Charitable Foundation “Care and attention to the childhood” and featured presentations by experts from Tdh Moldova. The aim of the training was to strengthen professional abilities and skills of the members of the regional child protection network by increasing their knowledge about international and national legislation in the area of prevention of child trafficking and to provide participants with tools to better assist the rehabilitation and reintegration of children victims of abuse, neglect, exploitation and/or trafficking.

The training provided the participants with:

  • Information about the role of the child protection system in prevention of child trafficking and the protection of children victims of abuse, exploitation and trafficking;
  • Understanding of the phenomena of child exploitation and trafficking as well as knowledge of international and national legislation;
  • Specific information regarding factors and conditions of child migration, categories of children and conditions of their stay in destination countries;
  • Basic knowledge on how to identify a child victim of trafficking in destination countries and how to handle actual cases of child trafficking within the national authorities in countries of origin in line with international human rights standards;

Terre des hommes Moldova within its FACT Transnational Actions project started a series of trainings for members of child protection networks active in the Transnistrian region. 15 one-day trainings are going to be carried out in seven Transnistrian districts during 2010.

In light of the experience of working on transnational direction with Russian Federation and Ukraine, the FACT Transnational Actions project proposes practical information regarding the situation of Moldovan children victims of abuse, neglect, exploitation and trafficking, identified in these countries. Trainings on child protection procedures to all members of child protection networks in Moldova, especially the Transnistrian regions is considered as one of the priorities of the project. [NM]

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