Albania The photographer and the deprived children: work in progress

27 Mar 2010

1033_marchina_tirana_march2010_smallTirana: Jean-Luc Marchina presents its recent works as communication officer, volunteer for the BKTF coalition and Tdh delegation in Albania, in a very interesting six-page document. Jean-Luc explains how he participates in advocacy and communication activities by proposing visual material showing the activities of member organizations. He recently conceptualised and produced a video film on the reintegration of children victims of trafficking. He conducted a photography workshops for the beneficiaries of BKTF member organisations. The most recent activity was the organisation and animation of a workshop for professionals working within Tdh and the BKTF coalition aiming to strengthen their competences in visual communication in the child protection context. The photographer participates today in Tirana in organisation of various events aiming to promote new projects related to children’s rights. Download the document.


  • Barbara 2010-04-02 10:25

    excellent work Jean-Luc. BRAVO!

  • ARIANE 2010-05-03 15:50

    Thank you very much for your collaboration, Jean-Luc. Your photos are beautiful.

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