Russia, Moldova Situation of Moldovan children in the Moscow region – workshop for guardianship authorities

Project : Moldova 31 May 2012 abandonement mother-child child migration child rights reintegration

3035_moscow_workshop_guardianship1_smallMarch 29th, 2012, Moscow, Russia: A workshop was organised for guardianship authorities from the Moscow region about the protection and repatriation of Moldovan children. The workshop was opened by the Moldovan Ambassador in Russia, Andrei Neguta, who welcomed the participants and expressed his gratitude to the Terre des homes team that actively works towards improving the situation of the children abandoned in Moscow and the Moscow region, assuring a high level of protection of the rights of children and a successful reintegration in their country of origin.

The workshop was mainly about the legislation concerning the protection and repatriation of the Moldovan children abandoned in the Moscow region, but also about case management. The problems that children, as well as adults – legal or illegal migrants – are confronted with on a daily basis were discussed. The head of the guardianship authorities from the Moscow region explained their work concerning the protection of the interests of the children, whose mothers are migrants, or of children abandoned by their parents.

3036_moscow_workshop_guardianship2_smallThe Moldovan representative from the Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Family (MLSPF) and Dorina Ardeleanu, the head of the Transnational project of Terres des hommes, have described the Moldovan child protection system and policy on the reintegration of Moldovan children repatriated from the Russian Federation. Also, a study of the situation of the Moldovan children abandoned in Moscow and Moscow region was presented by a specialist.

The seminar was organized by Terre des hommes in collaboration with the Ministry of Education from the Moscow region, the Moldovan MLPSF and the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in the Russian Federation. (MS)


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