Albania Plight of Albania’s Stateless Children Highlighted

14 Dec 2011 birth registration stateless children

‘Balkan Insight’ reports that the UN Special Rapporteur on migrants, Francois Crepeau, urged Tirana to do more to help Albanian citizens living abroad register their children. An estimated one-third of Albania’s population now lives outside of the country. The children of these families who live abroad without proper residency documents face often difficulties in obtaining Albanian identity documents as well. “Every child has the right to be registered immediately after birth, acquire a name and a nationality. It is unacceptable that children be born into statelessness in today’s Europe, Crepeau said at the end of a factfinding mission in Albania.

Read the full end-of-mission statement by the Special Rapporteur

Source : Balkan Insight


  • Loren 2013-09-05 02:28

    I’ve often thought of this hpaienpng to children around the world. To me, proof of birth and being alive is breathing; But obviously, proof of identity is needed for many reasons and for children like little Romeo, it’s for their protection. Thank you for sharing this, as I’ve shared it too. The love & compassion needed for all the children in this world is a neverending concern.

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