In pursuit of good practice in responses to child trafficking Experiences from Latin America, Southeast Europe and Southeast Asia

Publishers Terre Des Hommes International Federation
Document authors Dottridge Mike
Zones International
Type Report / Study / Data
Date of publication 2010
Document main thematic Child Trafficking
Total pages 56
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This study focuses on possible good practices identified during the lifetime of the project.

As it was prepared before the end of the project, many of the comments about the long-term impact and sustainability of the practices described is largely a matter of conjecture. The study was compiled by an independent consultant, Mike Dottridge, who was asked to obtain information about the project’s activities in all three parts of the world involved, to assess which activities might be categorised as ‘good practice’, to discuss with the organisations participating in the project what criteria were appropriate for assessing whether a particular method constituted good practice and to prepare a report describing the methods which constituted good practice. An additional objective was to draw up recommendations for the organisations involved (or other relevant stakeholders), for example concerning possible future activities.

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